Audio Sermons

Pastor Jeffery Stoneking-Romans 1:8-16– “Paul’s Prayer For A Church Whose Faith Shakes The World”- 7/26/20 a.m. service
Freedoms Received From The Word- Psalm 119:1-8- Pastor Jeffery Stoneking- 7/5/2020 a.m. service
The God Who Can Save Anyone- Psalm 107:1-32- Pastor Jeffery Stoneking- 6/28/20 a.m. service
The Good Father Provides Abundant Mercy- Psalm 103:8-12- Pastor Jeffery Stoneking- 6/22/2020 a.m. service
The Place The Bible Promises- Psalm 91:1-2- Pastor Jeffery Stoneking- 6/14/2020 A.M. service
God Like No Other- Psalm 71:1-8- Pastor Jeffery Stoneking- 5/31/2020 a.m. service
When Sorrow Has A Sweet Sweet Song- Psalm 61:1-4 – Pastor Jeffery Stoneking – 5/24/2020 a.m. service
Pastor Jeffery Stoneking- Psalm 51:1-19- “Process Back To God”- 3/17/2020 A.M. service
“Started in the Mire and Now I am Standing Higher,”
Psalm 40:1-3 – Pastor Jeffery Stoneking A.M. Service 4/26/20
“The Great Shepherd and the Sheep” Psalm 23:1-6 – Pastor Jeffery Stoneking A.M. service.
“A Morning One Would Never Forget.” Luke 12:1-12 – Pastor Jeff Stoneking – Easter Sunday, a.m. service.
“Comfort Within Difficulty.” Psalm 3:1-8–Pastor Jeffery Stoneking–A.M. service.
Pastor Jeffery Stoneking–Psalms 2:1-12 – “A Time of Everlasting Hope Among the Heathen” 3/22/2020 A.M. service.
Differences in the Blessed Man or Woman- Psalm 1:1-3–Pastor Jeffery Stoneking–3/8/2020 a.m. service